Giuseppe Perfetto

Mr. Giuseppe Perfetto is founder and CEO of Solardesign Studio in Italy; he has got over 18 years as a Senior Technical Architect with extensive background experience in process and energy engineering, involving principally Solar energy and PV power plants, Building Envelope Integration (BIPV) , Building’s Energy Efficiency, Energy Modeling, Strategic Project Planning and Energy Efficient Planning for Municipalities and public bodies.

As Project Manager Mr. Perfetto has significant experience in nearly 300 realizations that has been gained working at the forefront within owner’s architecture and engineering activities in the field of building technology ,solar thermal and photovoltaic, renewable and low carbon technologies at both building and infrastructure scale (MW scale); mechanical building services design, energy legislation and developing policy and energy infrastructure procurement: Business plans, Environment Impact Assessment, LC analysis, Strategy and new business opportunities.

From 2003 he is qualified for the performance of teaching integrative Technology Laboratory (renewable energy sources) in Engineering and Architectural University of Turin’s Polytechnic.

Mr. Perfetto is a Senior Vice President and co-founder of the first Zero Energy Building Italian Network whose purpose is to stimulate the dissemination and acceleration of new low carbon technologies into the market, and to address the climate impact of new building technologies combined with human interaction.

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